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Heavy Plant Recovery

Have you got yourself in a sticky situation? Got some of your expensive machinery stuck somewhere? Sometimes construction work forces you to venture into difficult terrain. How you’ll get back out isn’t always your first thought.

Got some machinery stuck in the mud? Fill out our contact form and Wannop will get it out for you. Or give us a ring on 01228 670311 for a faster response.

A heavy plant operator expects to be dealing with unsteady grounds in treacherous conditions. Mixing heavy machinery with these elements can create that sinking feeling. Seeing your expensive equipment go down a sloppy slope can be like watching money fall out a window. Maybe its snow and ice keeping you stuck to the spot? Or even a breakdown can leave your digger in a compromising situation. After towing a JCB excavator from a swampy area, we realised that this is a common problem. So we set out to do our best to save you from this issue.

Our heavy plant recovery service, based in Carlisle and Cumbria rescues you from any equipment mishaps. We’ll be there when you’re quite literally, stuck in the mud. The weather and elements are always going to be a challenge for a plant operator. Especially in the North of England. More often than not, the operator is more than capable of rescuing the machine. But sometimes running into manoeuvrability issues keeps you stuck in a rut. This is where Wannop come in to get you back on track.

With our help you’ll never have to worry about losing your equipment to the elements. You can venture in anywhere, knowing that we’ll come to the rescue if things get bad.

Got a digger stuck in some mud? Or want to find out more just in case? Fill out our contact form to get sorted. Or give us a ring on 01228 670311 to hear back sooner.

Esk Quarry – Sand Supplier and Inert Waste Tip

Supplying Cumbria, South West Scotland and the North East

Our clients come from Carlisle, Brampton, Penrith, Longtown, the rest of Cumbria plus Gretna and Scotland and Newcastle, Morpeth and the North East. They benefit from extremely competitive sand prices because there is no middle man, they are dealing right with the quarry. If you would like a quote for sand or you have inert waste that you need to dispose of please contact us. We now supply concrete directly with our new concrete wagon and we deliver sand and aggregates via our fleet of grab wagons. We have plant hire and construction services available too.

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